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Giles County Community Chorus

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Giles County

Community Chorus 

directed by Thomas L. DeBusk presents



Comes to the Village


First United Methodist Church

1101 Valley View Drive, Pearisburg, VA

Sunday, December 16 @ 6 pm


The Reviews Are In!

Bev Davis:

“That performance had all the panache of a prancing hippo!”


Zach Smith:

“It took a village to make ‘Christmas Comes to the Village’, but they got ‘er done!”


Thomas’ mother:

“I couldn’t attend, but I’m sure it was wonderful!”


Lisa Ray:

“Imagine all that mirth and merriment right here in my ‘hood. I’m bringing all my bro’s & neighbo’s next time!”


Lois Mann:

“I swear there should be a law against clerks having this much fun. But what happens with the GCCC stays with the GCCC!”


Yvette Pennington:

“Did I miss it? I’ll just catch the Biltmore show.”


We also sold some beautiful handmade Christmas decorations & crafts in the church vestibule at the concert. We still have a few giant Christmas wreaths made of grapevines & pinecone tree ornaments, so send us an email through our contact page if you’d like to get one. See pics of some of them here.

¬a hippopotamus for Christmas?

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