Enjoy browsing these pics from our 2019 New Year’s Day performance at The Biltmore House. These galleries show:

1) the bus ride down

2) the evening performance

3) touring the Biltmore the following morning

4) touring the Lexington Glass Factory

5) cruising the Bristol Motor Speedway in Lights.

Bus Ride

Performance Night

Touring the Biltmore

Lexington Glass Factory

Speedway in Lights

Elegant Canopy of the Winter Garden

‍The ‍Biltmore: ‍New ‍Year’s ‍Day, ‍2019

‍The ‍Winter ‍Garden ‍of ‍the ‍Biltmore ‍House ‍& ‍Gardens ‍in ‍Asheville, ‍NC ‍featured ‍the ‍Giles ‍County ‍Community ‍Chorus ‍on ‍New ‍Year’s ‍Day, ‍2019. ‍Twenty-three ‍GCCC ‍members ‍performed ‍30 ‍minutes ‍of ‍music ‍each ‍hour, ‍alternating ‍with ‍other ‍musicians ‍from ‍5:30 ‍pm-9:00 ‍pm. ‍

‍Response ‍& ‍Return

‍  We ‍chartered ‍a ‍bus ‍for ‍singers ‍and ‍family ‍members. ‍Many ‍of ‍our ‍members ‍had ‍never ‍seen ‍The ‍Biltmore ‍before, ‍so ‍it ‍was ‍especially ‍fun ‍to ‍watch ‍their ‍faces ‍light ‍up ‍as ‍we ‍toured ‍the ‍grounds ‍the ‍day ‍after ‍the ‍performance.

‍Entrance ‍tickets ‍sold ‍out ‍during ‍our ‍performance ‍times ‍and ‍crowds ‍were ‍generous ‍with ‍their ‍applause. ‍Some ‍even ‍lingered ‍to ‍hear ‍our ‍whole ‍set! ‍Once ‍a ‍group ‍appears ‍the ‍first ‍time, ‍subsequent ‍invitations ‍are ‍based ‍on ‍your ‍performance, ‍so ‍watch ‍this ‍space ‍for ‍plans ‍to ‍return.

‍The ‍Winter ‍Garden

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The Giles County Community Chorus is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Copyright © 2017 by the Giles County Community Chorus. All rights reserved.

‍The ‍Giles ‍County ‍Community ‍Chorus ‍is ‍an ‍independent, ‍non-profit ‍community ‍organization.

‍Copyright ‍© ‍2019 ‍by ‍the ‍Giles ‍County ‍Community ‍Chorus. ‍All ‍rights ‍reserved.