Help Make the GCCC Go Away!

01/02/2021 12:00 AM

The Giles County Community Chorus has reached out to many individuals and community leaders seeking new recruits. With few exceptions, the response has been a vigorous and uniform “NO!”

It’s puzzling. The GCCC offers a wonderful context for developing musical skills. There are no auditions. Rehearsals are intense, but fun, and extremely educational. We work hard to make the complex simple and broaden people’s musical skill set regardless of how large (or small) it is when they start. We don’t have a minimum age limit, so parents and children can attend together.

Judging by the response we get, and our membership numbers, these characteristics are extremely unpopular. Positive, uplifting concerts that draw people together get few spectators.

Local politicians, ministers, home schoolers, teachers, social workers, parents, music teachers, musicians, civic group members, and church members have all spoken with the same unmistakable voice: “we’re not interested!”

We can’t inspire people who won’t engage with us.

The Covid-19 virus situation hasn’t helped. We had a full season of rehearsals and concerts underway last winter. During the summer and fall, we listened, learned, and devised a way to resume in-person rehearsals that was responsible and safe. But people stayed away in droves.

Many school children are missing out on a year’s worth of education. The school system is failing them. We can’t fix that. But we could provide a meaningful place to practice and develop some important disciplines and self-study skills. Parents of New River Valley school children don’t want affordable, effective skill-building educational alternatives for their children. Home schoolers steer away as well.

No matter. Children don’t need what we offer (opportunities to grow, achieve, and serve others) any more than any one else in the community, do they?

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