Here’s an executive summary of the preliminary “discoveries” contained in the videos linked below:

1) masks matter;

2) distance matters;

3) length of time of exposure matters;

4) the nature of the particular activity matters;

5) personal hygiene matters;

6) the amount of virus shed by an infected person matters; and,

7) the circulation of atmospheric air in the rehearsal space matters.

We plan to integrate the information contained in these videos with the CDC’s latest guidelines, and local governmental regulations and directives, and implement “best practices” generated by those combined sources and authorities.

Specifically, we will:

1) rehearse in a space that allows for maximum distancing, where 6 feet is a minimum and more is strongly encouraged;

2) deploy a fan system that will aggressively replace the air in the rehearsal space with outside air once every 10-15 minutes;

3) require singers to wear masks properly throughout each rehearsal;

4) plan necessary activities (such as distributing music) thoughtfully, so as to minimize opportunities for direct, body-to-body transmission of virus particles;

5) require feverish or otherwise symptomatic persons to refrain from attending rehearsals;

6) avoid performance opportunities that require close proximity or otherwise violate the guidelines listed above;

7) make reasonable and responsible adjustments to all of the above as conditions change.

You can find videos reviewing preliminary results of recent tests analyzing transmission of aerosol particles while singing and playing wind instruments at:

                                                 First Video                                 Second Video

If you plan to join us, click here and send us an email so we can have enough music ready for each rehearsal. We want to avoid having participants share & handle the same music.

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