Concert Reports: 5/27/18 @ Rich Creek First Baptist Church & 6/3/18 @ Newport-Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church

We couldn’t have had better hosts than we did at Rich Creek First Baptist Church. The refreshments afterward were wonderful: a fitting finish to a really fun concert.

The following week we featured Haydon Carpenter as the soloist on “Love is the Answer”. She slayed. Todd Rundgren would’ve been proud. We’re looking forward to hearing her reprise that part at Christ Episcopal Church on 7/8/18. And “Take Me Back”, featuring Lesa Gardner as the soloist, is fast becoming a chorus & crowd favorite. It’s not one of Andraé Crouch’s most well-known songs, but it is one of his best.

Concert Report: 2/13/18, Valentine’s Eve

Thanks to the many of you who attended, our first performance of 2018 was a smashing success! We filled the upstairs meeting room at The Palisades with beautiful music, delicious desserts, and many loved ones. It was a casual, romantic evening where we performed a few songs, chatted with friends and family, and downed some really fantastic chocolate.

Special thanks goes to the members of “Clangin’ Around” for joining us on a sweet rendition of “Annie’s Song”. If John Denver had had hand chimes available, he probably would’ve used them on that song, too.

We also got to show off our brand-new and very accomplished accompanist, Jonathan Elmore. Cherkie Kingrea & Judy Correll also did a great job of decorating the tables, and Brian Stafford once again provided superb sound system assistance.

We’re also proud to announce that it was our best, most successful fundraising event yet. The bar isn’t too high for that, since it was our first ever, but we still owe a debt of gratitude to the many who attended and made that possible. We look forward to seeing you again in 2018. There’s more great music ahead where that came from!

Concert Report: 12/21/17

    Negotiations with celebrity guest Alfred’s agent and handler for his appearance at our final Christmas concert were successful! And, judging by the audience’s reaction, he was once again a smashing success. Faces lit up with amusement as his acrobatic routine dazzled and charmed. This time, Alfred turned into a real publicity hound. Many attendees captured his toothy grin in a selfie before he slithered on to the next smitten admirer. Look for him on Facebook. It’s hard to keep raw talent and smashing good looks down!

    “Silver Bells” and “Canon of the Bells” really shined with the original handbell arrangements! And hats off to three talented ladies, Judy, Mary Lee, and Renee, who handled 38 bells in one song. Just wow. There’s something about Christmas and handbells…sorta like chocolate and peanut butter: they belong together. And the program closed with an off-program, 8-bell, 4-in-hand rendition of “Jingle Bells” that definitely jingled the festive holiday spirit.

    The original arrangements of “One Small Child” and “Some Children See Him” were beautiful as well. Fresh, new music has become a welcome distinctive of the Giles County Community Chorus. Who would think that our world by the water would be on the cutting edge of contemporary vocal music? But if you didn’t hear these arrangements here, you won’t hear them at all, because this is where they originated and the only place they can be heard! Look for more at our next concert, if you missed this time around…

    Most enjoyable, however, was the sweet blend on “The Birthday of a King” and “All Kinds of People”. There’s just nothing as satisfying to the ear as a well-developed, four-part choral blend. You can’t fake it, and there’s no substitute for it if you don’t have it.

    Not to mention that the tenor/bass sections really shined on “Born Is a Baby”. No weak sections there! And it’s pretty certain that many carried that tune home with them. That’s what sharing the Christmas spirit is all about!

The Giles County Community Chorus is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Copyright © 2017 by the Giles County Community Chorus. All rights reserved.

The Giles County Community Chorus is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Copyright © 2017 by the Giles County Community Chorus. All rights reserved.