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Labor Day Weekend, 2018

    Labor Day weekend was a busy one for the Giles County Community Chorus. First we hosted Our CommUnity Sings on Sunday, 9/2/18. That was a first-ever, one-of-a-kind event designed to build community & raise funds for Giles County’s elementary school backpack food program.

It was a smashing success! Alfred, the Alligator made another special appearance. And folks learned how to sing harmony to a four-chord medley. Fierce competitive juices flowed while audience members wracked their brains for the next nursery rhyme.

Quoth one of our youngest participants: “I want to come back next year! Are you going to do this again?” Stay tuned.

Picnic & Boating at Claytor Lake 9/3/18

    These are pics from our picnic at Covey’s Campground on Claytor Lake on Labor Day. What a great way to wrap up the summer! Several kids got to go tubing on the water for the first time, and some even got airborne before they wiped out. Bucky Lawson got to show off his captain’s skills, piloting the ladies past the dam.

    Check out the gallery above. The smiles are authentic. Oh, and we did warm up quite a bit, because it was very warm & sunny. And Samantha found a fish with scales well past its expiration date, but decided to leave it sleeping with the rest of them.

Sunday Dinner 10/22/17

    These are pics from our potluck “Sunday Dinner” at the director’s house in Blacksburg. There was plenty of singing and laughter. What more could you want?

    Well, food. Mark cooked up a storm, as did many others. We had a cake cooked by a chef, too. We got stuffed, and then watched some inspiring videos.

    By the way, if you’ve never heard “Old McDonald’s Deformed Farm”, you should look it up on YouTube. It’s by a barbershop quartet called “Lunch Break”. You won’t stop laughing.

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