Tuesdays, 7:00-8:30 pm

@ Newport Community Center Auditorium, 434 Blue Grass Trail, Newport, VA.

What to expect at a typical rehearsal: We might start with an ice-breaker, or a brief discussion about a matter of vocal technique. Then we’ll do some vocal warm-ups to facilitate the transition from speaking to singing. Next we’ll launch into the songs. Frequently we’ll go over parts and sections one at a time, gradually building toward full 4-part harmony. 

From time-to-time we might break up for smaller sectionals. It’s all low-stress. We don’t assume singers read music, and most of our folks don’t.

We do expect you to attend rehearsals. If you want to participate in the Christmas concert, you can miss no more than 3 rehearsals during the rehearsal season.


Uh, no.  We’re not looking for super, star-studded soloists, so what would be the point? We enthusiastically accept anybody who wants to sing with us, without auditioning. But we do have expectations. You need to bring a willing spirit and teachable attitude. You need to attend rehearsals regularly. We work wonders with people who are open to the opportunity to improve whatever level of skill they bring in the door.


Dues are $35 for individuals through December, 2020, $45 for two members of the same family, and $55 for three or more members of the same immediate family. We use dues to purchase music, pay our accompanist, maintain and improve our musical instrument(s), and defray any other necessary expenses that come our way. They are due by September 22, 2020. You can pay in person at practice, or use the PayPal link here:

Our first fall practice of 2020 will be Tuesday, September 8. Send us an email, or just drop in on a rehearsal if you’re considering joining us.

Fall Membership

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