GCCC members & family spent a gorgeous 2018 Labor Day afternoon at Claytor Lake, warming up with scales. Check out the gallery below.




Big thanks to the following for helping make this event a success:

…to the group sponsors who brought the most participants:

1. Daniel Stoltzfus & family

2. Morris Fleischer & the congregation of Newport-Mt. Olivet United Methodist Church

3. Yvette Pennington & her merry band of circuit court clerk campaigners.

…For the best group names:

Morris’ Choruses &

Sibling Revelry.

…to Sheriff Morgan Millirons and many children for food donations.

…to Larry Greene for spiffing up the Newport Community Center by cutting the grass and making sure we had everything we needed, including Wifi-on-demand.

…to Mark Freeman for decorating the center singlehandedly!

Here’s a gallery of

pics & video of

Our CommUnity Sings

Our CommUnity Sings, 9/2/18…

…is a community-building and fundraising event, the likes of which you’ve never seen. We’ll sing songs together: fun songs, familiar songs, love songs, profound songs. It’s an audience PARTICIPATION event, NOT a PERFORMANCE! So it’s not just for “singers” or “musicians”. It’s for EVERYBODY who wants to foster unity, harmony, and connectedness among their families, friends, and neighbors.

Singing engaging tunes and infectious harmonies together will initiate a ripple effect that will spread, not only among our closer neighbors, but also to farther communities. Using the universal language of music, we’ll raise awareness that we’re one people and inspire others to create and build strength in this community.

‍ We’ll sing simple, well-known songs that inspire participation. We’ll use a piano to help us out, and maybe a few other instruments here and there, but there won’t be a blaring band to compete with, because this event will feature YOU, the audience! Our set list isn’t final yet, but look for songs like Bridge Over Troubled Water, Climb Ev’ry Mountain, and Amazing Grace, among many others.

Be a Sponsor!

We invite YOU, like-minded friends, to help us make sure this event achieves its goals. We need YOU to become an event sponsor. Filling an auditorium with 400 people won’t happen by accident. Sponsors commit to attending the event and bringing 6 other people with them. That’s it! It’s that simple. Fifty-seven sponsors will guarantee that we achieve our threshold goal of 400 participants.

We encourage people to attend as part of a group, small or large, because those who do will create a shared memory that will carry far beyond September 2nd. Family members, co-workers, fellow students, and more, are all ideal recruiting pools.

We’re listing all the individuals and organizations who are supporting this event as a sponsor here.

It’s For a Good Cause: the Giles

County Backpack Program

Every Friday during the school year, volunteers pack over 100 backpacks with food, which are distributed to needy children at Eastern, Macy-McClaugherty, and Narrows elementary schools. Many of these children go home on a weekly basis without the assurance of regular, nutritious meals over the weekend. The Giles County Backpack Program addresses this need. There’s more information about this program here.

We will donate half the proceeds from each admission ticket to the backpack program. That means when we meet our goal of 400 attendees, we’ll guarantee a donation of as much as $2000.00 to this cause.

But there’s another way to help, too. The food list below contains the kinds of foodstuffs preparers put in each backpack. For the Our CommUnity Sings event, each child under 12 who attends with a paying adult will be admitted for the price of one item on the list (which will cut into the $2000 total a bit). If you are an adult planning to bring children, be sure to list all children coming with you when you register and pay. We don’t want to overbook and have to turn folks away at the door. ;-)

Tickets are now on sale! Click here to purchase them and/or register in advance.

Backpack Items to Bring

Volunteers fill the backpacks every week with the items below. We’re encouraging you to bring any of the following items to the event to make it even more productive:

‍    •    Cereal

‍    •    Instant Oatmeal

‍    •    Pop Tarts

‍    •    Milk Boxes (UHT)

‍    •    Breakfast & Granola Bars

‍    •    Vienna Sausages

‍    •    Jif-to-Go Peanut Butter

‍    •    Beanee Weenees

‍    •    Juice Boxes

‍    •    Chili with Beans

‍    •    Capri Sun

‍    •    Chef Boyardee Bowls

‍    •    Tuna Kits Beef Stew

‍    •    Premium Saltine Fresh Stacks

‍    •    Chicken & Dumplings

‍    •    Ritz Fresh Stacks

‍    •    Peanut Butter Crackers

‍    •    Mac & Cheese Bowls

‍    •    Microwave Popcorn

‍    •    Raisins (1.5 oz. boxes)

‍    •    Microwave Mashed Potatoes

‍    •    Applesauce Cups

‍    •    Rice Cups

‍    •    Pudding Cups

‍    •    Vegetable Cups

‍    •    Fruit Chews (green beans, carrots, peas)

‍    •    Hormel/Dinty Moore Compleats

‍    •    Soup (vegetable, chicken noodle, tomato)

‍    •    Fruit Cups (mandarin orange, peach, mixed)

We’ll Have Some Fun!

Yes, we’re gonna have even more fun with some friendly competitions. We’ll give out prizes to the group with the:

1.    …most people;

2.    …best hats;

3.    …best group name;

4.    …best slogan.

So get some family & friends signed up, put your heads together, and come up with a great slogan, name, wacky wigs, hats, etc. We’ll judge’em at the event and hand out prizes to the ones that get the biggest audience response.

The Giles County Community Chorus is an independent, non-profit community organization.

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The Giles County Community Chorus is an independent, non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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